Outlaws in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT -- The Williamsport Outlaws took the rink at Bowman Field to the cheers of about 3,000 people Wednesday night.

The outdoor rink is home to the city's professional hockey team, and the season opener against the Dayton Demons had many excited.

"We went down and bought the tickets right away because we wanted to be at the opening game and very excited that hockey is in Williamsport," said LeeAnne Rauch of Jersey Shore.

Many said they are glad to have a hometown hockey team.

"I love it, that way I don't have to travel to other cities to see other hockey games," said Jeff Hawward of Williamsport.

With temperatures in the 70s for the start of the game, it was not typical hockey weather, but most fans we spoke with enjoyed that.

"It's hot. I don`'t know how the ice is like still OK," laughed Lacey Walker of Williamsport.

"I mean it; hockey, but you know how many people can say they watched a hockey game at 70 degrees?" asked Hap Knaur of Muncy.

A chiller is used to keep the ice solid during warmer weather, and a special covering for the ice also works to keep the rink frosty.

"Hockey in 70 degree weather, no one thought we could pull it off. As we start getting into November and it starts getting colder, we'll be even better but this is the perfect climate right now," said Chris Firriolo, the Outlaws' Coach.