Taste Test: Hershey’s Simple Pleasures

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With Halloween next week, there's going to be lots of candy floating around, especially chocolate.

So this week we're taste testing a chocolate that's at least making an attempt to be healthier.

Simple Pleasures by Hershey's contain 30% less fat... but do they have 30% less taste?

We went to McDade Park in Scranton to find out.

We found lots of people making the most of a gorgeous day at the park, including four-year-old Russell Rinaldi of Old Forge.

"I'm pretending I'm a spider," Rinaldi said as he climbed on the jungle gym.

"Spiderman" took a short break to try out new Simple Pleasures from Hershey's.

"I like it," said Russsell. "It's making me happy."

It made his father happy too. Especially since the candy, claiming to contain 30 percent less fat than the average leading chocolate. Tasted just fine to him.

"No not really. It tasted like a normal chocolate bar to me," said Russell Rinaldi, Sr.

Chrissy Volovitch from Scranton said, "I thought it was really good."

Six individually wrapped chocolates make up one serving of Simple Pleasures, which has 180 calories, eight grams of fat, and 22 grams of sugar.

We found Jake Smerdon and his dog, Oscar, enjoying a walk in the park.

While Oscar couldn't participate, Jake really liked the chocolate with a creamy chocolate center.

"I thought it was good for being less fat. I can eat more of it then!" said Smerdon.

The chocolate with a creamy vanilla center also went over well with our taste testers.

Leah Cornejo of Scranton said, "They're so good. They're creamy, which you don't find from a lot of chocolates."

Laea Figula said, "Delicious. It was very good."

Simple Pleasures can be found for $2.98 a package at Walmart. There are about 24 chocolates in a package.