Family Members Terrified

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NESQUEHONING -- We found Louise Horn, 88, of Nesquehoning having breakfast after not eating for more than 12 hours.

She was reported missing Monday night, after she failed to return home. Her family says she missed a turn in her development of Lake Hauto and became lost. So she parked her car.

"It didn't bother me too much until it was night and it gets so pitch black because you know your trees are still filled with leaves, I don't usually like to drive after dark," said Horn.

Louise told us she spent the night in her car. Away from the elements, all this time she was talking to her family, the comm center, and police but no one could find her.

"We were having cell phone problems because when she got out of the car they could hear her really good and then he talked to her about 20 minutes and as she got back into the car and the minute she got back in the car the cell phone went off," said her daughter, Diane Smith.

After sunrise, Louise approached a neighbor who called police.

"We were more geared to finding her and it was when they were finding her there were the tears," said her daughter Corinne Reily.

Louise and her family have high praise for the first responders who spent the night searching.

"I was telling your buddy how I can ever find a way to tell them that it's appreciated," said Horn.