Business Burglaries in Dunmore

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DUNMORE -- Police are investigating a business burglary spree in Lackawanna County.

Investigators said sixteen businesses, including a Methodist church, have been hit by thieves in the past two months. Most of the businesses are on Blakely and Chestnut Streets in the borough.

"They seem to be targeting businesses that are family-owned, you know, mom and pop type businesses when they're less likely to run into advanced security systems," said Capt. Bill Springer of the Dunmore police department.

Police said Thomas Brown was caught trying to break into Roosevelt's Beer Garden early Monday morning.

Officers are looking into whether Brown may be responsible for other break-ins.

"As soon as I went around the corner, I noticed all the broken glass," said Dennis Muracco as he showed Newswatch 16 where a thief broke into his business in Dunmore. Muracco said the thief stole $3,000 worth of cell phones, a wallet, and other things.

"Being a small business and almost a one-man operation, for someone to take stuff away from you, you take it personal and hopefully whoever did it gets caught," said Muracco who owns Muracco Holdings.

Gloria Gatto works at Sports Page, a business next to Muracco Holdings.

She said the business has been hit twice, so the owner decided to install a camera and lights outside.

"You know, it's kind of scary to think in a small town like this where you have to be afraid, to lock the door at night," said Gatto.

"You know, if you hear a bump in the night, you know, call us we will come and investigate it. That's the best thing I can tell anybody," said Capt. Springer.