Two Pickup Trucks Crash Into House

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MIDDLEBURG — A family in Snyder County is dealing with some cold nights after two pickup trucks crashed into their living room. The family is still able to live in the house, despite all of the damage.

The Petty family says they normally watch TV in their living room at their home near Middleburg. The family of five is happy they were not in their living room on Friday night, or they may have gotten hurt after two pickup trucks crashed into their house.

A blue tarp hangs outside this house near Middleburg. The tarp covers large holes and cracks where the front door and wall used to stand.

On Friday night, two pickup trucks crashed into the house on Walnut Street in Penns Creek. Robert and Cylinda Petty rent the place. They and their three children were not home when the crash happened. Their dog, Venom, was inside, but was not hurt. A neighbor called them and told them two trucks were in their living room.

“The red GMC hit the corner of the house. The Dodge 1500 went through the house. It really damaged the corner,” Robert Petty said.

State police say the driver of one of the vehicles went through a stop sign and collided with another pickup. Both trucks smashed into the house. Despite the damage, the family is still able to live there, but must wait for an insurance adjuster before repairs can begin.

“It’s really cold in here. It stays warm in the kitchen and dining room, but the living room feels like we’re outside,” Cylinda Petty said.

The family normally sits in this room to watch tv. Robert sits over here in this chair, and their dog Venom sits here. The family says they are very grateful they were not home on Friday night.

“I am very thankful no one was home. I didn’t want no one to get hurt,” Cylinda said.

“We’re just traumatized right now. Everything’s still sinking in and we’re trying to do the best,” Robert said.

State police say the driver of one of the pickup trucks will be cited for not stopping at a stop sign. The Petty family says they are looking forward to being able to clean up their living room and getting back to normal.