Pipe Bomb Found Inside Home

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP -- The Scranton bomb squad took every precaution necessary to safely remove what they said was a pipe bomb found inside a home in a Pocono Country Place in Tobyhanna.

To ensure everyone's safety in the neighborhood, Pocono Mountain Regional Police said they had to move quickly.

"A lot of people may question why we did what we did. We did evacuations, closed roads, and we adjusted bus transportation because we did that for the safety of the people here because this is something that doesn't happen to us very often," said Police Chief Harry Lewis.

According to Pocono Mountain Regional Police, the homeowner came to the police station to talk to police about a domestic situation that happened at his home days before.

That`s when the man told police he found some type of bomb inside his son`s room.

Police checked it out and said the man's story was true.

Police and Pocono Country Place Security went door to door telling people to stay inside their homes.

"Pretty dangerous. Something like this would do something extensive to the house," said Chief Lewis.

Once the bomb squad removed the pipe bomb, it was transported by robot through the neighborhood to an empty lot where the bomb was detonated safely.