Operation Can Do Underway

HAZLETON -- The annual Operation Can Do is underway but it needs the public's help on two fronts. Can Do is an economic development organization based in Hazleton. Various items such as toothpaste and snacks will be sent to our troops overseas.

The soul of the operation is people, including Freeland Elementary-Middle School students. They've been busy collecting the things that will be shipped to our fighting men and women.

Joe Repetz is a part of that effort.

"I feel that our troops in Afghanistan or whatever, they are helping us so I feel we should help them," Repetz said.

Operation Can Do is especially important to Ryan Fairchild. Fairchild said his uncle is in the military.

"I remember two years ago, he was in Afghanistan and we had a big party for him and I'm pretty sure he went back out," said Fairchild.

Officials of Operation Can Do said they need help.

Nancy Stasko said she's looking for the addresses of soldiers.

"We have to get it all over again because maybe they get stationed in a new area. If anyone has addresses of soldiers serving overseas please let us know who they are so we can get a package to them," said Stasko.

On November 1 the care packages will come to the American Legion post in Freeland, addressed and sent to our troops overseas.


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