Deer Makes Smashing Entrance In Scranton Store

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SCRANTON - A deer's trip through the city of Scranton Monday morning literally stopped traffic. And caused quite a scene when the young buck found himself inside a hardware store.

Doyle's Hardware Store on North Main Avenue in West Scranton stayed closed the rest of the day after the deer smashed through the store's front window.

The deer was eventually tranquilized and had to be put down because of its injuries.

It was North Main Avenue in Scranton during the morning rush hour, and at first sight you may have thought Doyle's Hardware Store had been robbed.

But, a different kind of young buck had broken in, and was still trapped inside.

It appeared the deer had trouble finding a way out of the store. It wasn't long until police and officers from the Game Commission had him cornered.

Turns out the deer had been spotted in several places around Scranton before his journey ended in the back of Doyle's Hardware.

The store had to stay closed the rest of the day so workers could clean up the damage. Besides the broken window, most of the damage was in the back. The owner said the deer took out the whole bathroom.

"I don't even know how he even got down here. Everybody's talking about he came from over there, got spooked and went through the window,"said Tyrone Devine of Scranton who watched as wildlife conservation officers tranquilized the deer.

"They say it's a four pointer, and that's still pretty young, where did he even come from?" added Kathy Dswonyk of Scranton.

Wildlife conservation officers say the deer was likely looking for a mate and got lost.

It took more than an hour for officers to tranquillize it and take it back out to woods. Officers said at first glance it looked like the deer was too badly injured to survive and it had to be put down later in the day.

They say it's not unusual for bucks to be spotted in urban areas this time of year. Where this one ended up though, is unusual.

"In the fall, the deer are actually in rut. They're looking for girlfriends, so they kind of lose their minds a little bit, and it's not really uncommon to see them in cities like this," said Wildlife Conservation Officer Jim McCarthy.

Game Commission officials say they euthanized the deer because it was badly cut from its jump through the window.