Victim One Speaks Out

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LOCK HAVEN -- His name is Aaron Fisher. He's 18 from the Lock Haven Area, and he's the one who brought down Jerry Sandusky, the first victim to go to authorities who started the whole investigation.

He's best known as victim one, but Aaron Fisher sat down with ABC News to talk about Sandusky and coming forward to stop him.

Up until now Fisher was only a number, victim one, depicted only by blurred out sketches.

He has now come forward with quite a story about how he stopped Jerry Sandusky.

“Victim means people feel sympathy for you. I don't want that. I would rather be someone who did something good, like a hero or something," said Fisher.

Fisher is credited with leading to Jerry Sandusky's conviction and his sentence to pretty much life in prison. Fisher was the first to come forward, launching the investigation, but now, he told ABC's Chris Cuomo it took years of abuse for him to have strength to do that.

Fisher said he was embarrassed and feared no one would believe him, but now so called "victim one" is called "hero one" by some.

We had the chance to talk with Chris Cuomo about his interview with Aaron.

“Does he see himself as a hero? No. Do we throw around that word too much? Yes.  Should it apply to anyone more than it does to him? I doubt it, to come forward to a man who was like Santa Claus where you guys live, Jerry Sandusky,” said Cuomo to Newswatch 16.

Cuomo said Fisher did not bring up any animosity towards Penn State.

Cuomo also said Fisher's goal revealing his identity and writing the book "Silent No More" is to help others. In “Silent No More” Fisher writes about the whole sex abuse scandal.

“He comes forward so that families know that this is something you need to be careful about with your kids. Don't assume they'll tell you no matter how good your relationship is. It does not matter who does the wrong thing that they should be dealt with as swiftly as anyone else,” said Cuomo.

A big part of the ABC story involves how Central Mountain High School in Clinton County handled or failed to handle Fisher's first claims of abuse.

Fisher said when he first reported the abuse to officials at Central Mountain High School, they didn't believe him, told him to rethink reporting it.

Cuomo chased after the high school principal looking for answers. Fisher said those officials didn't protect him from Sandusky.

For months, Newswatch 16 has been turned away seeking comment at Central Mountain too.

Aaron Fisher's book comes out next week.