“Victim One’s” Home Community Reacts to Him Speaking Out

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BALD EAGLE TOWNSHIP -- Aaron Fisher said he felt abandoned and betrayed by his school leaders at Central Mountain High School, located near Lock Haven.

Known before as “Victim 1”, the now 18-year-old fisher said his principal Karen Probst didn`t believe him when he told her former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky had molested him for years.

At that time, Sandusky was a volunteer football coach for Central Mountain High School.

Mary Jane Kerstetter is a retired teacher in the district; she also happens to be Fisher`s neighbor.

“Very upset about is that the district has not taken their responsibility yet and it needs to come forward,” said Kerstetter.

Fisher was the first to come forward in the child sex abuse case that rocked the Penn State institution and captured national headlines.

Michelle Peters said she remembers Fisher as a young boy when he would come to the community pool.

“He was very sweet, loving and very focused,” said Peters. “He wanted to be part of sports.”

“This kid, God love him,” said Kerstetter. “I`m just so upset by the fact that he will probably, the rest of his life live this and it`s terrible.”

Fisher talks about years of suffering, first through Sandusky, then after he came forward and not being believed by the adults he trusted.

Kerstetter said she`s just proud of Fisher for being so brave.

“For this young man to come forward is more than I can tell you,” said Kerstetter.