Man Damages Construction Equipment

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TROUT RUN -- A man from Trout Run is accused of damaging more than $160,000 worth of construction equipment in Lycoming County after police said he took a few trucks for a spin.

Tanner Long, 21, was arrested Friday afternoon, accused of smashing up heavy equipment while illegally driving an excavator, a dump truck and a bulldozer.

Investigators said he caused major damage to heavy construction equipment in the Loyalsock State Forest.

Long was in court Friday afternoon in Lycoming County. Police said Long and some friends were driving through the Loyalsock State Forest, near Williamsport back in August. According to witnesses, Long got out of his vehicle and started the digger with a key he had. Police said Long smashed a dump truck, flipped a bulldozer, and moved a 1,000 gallon fuel tank. Three excavators were also damaged, and a large tree was knocked over into the road. Investigators said there was around $160,000 worth of damage to the equipment.

Long was taken to the Lycoming County Prison on $100,000 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court next week on charges of criminal mischief.