DEP: Flyer About Bad Water is Bogus

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KLINE TOWNSHIP -- Janet Houseknecht lives near Mcadoo and knows her drinking water is safe.

"If my dogs can drink it, I feel safe with it," said Houseknecht.

Thats despite a note posted in the Kelayres Post Office. It reads contaminated drinking water and hints at a link to a rare blood cancer.

"If people do get this in the mail or see other flyers, disregard it and give DEP a call if you know who gave you this flyer or you think where it originated from," said Colleen Connolly, of the Department of Environmental Protection.

The bogus note concerning contaminated drinking water was directed to residents of Hazleton, Mcadoo, Tamaqua, Frackville, Freeland, Hometown, Kalayres, Trescow and the surrounding areas. Again the note about contaminated drinking water is bogus, according to officials.

Janet Houseknecht said she saw the bogus note in the post office and even found similar notes in her mailbox.

"They are scaring the elderly is what they're doing. The elderly people they're reading this and getting scared, they don't know who to contact they don't know what to do," said Houseknecht.

Kline Township Supervisor Carmen Cara looks at a copy of the bogus note and promises action.

"I think anybody who knows who passed the letter out should contact the Kline Township Police Department and we'll do an investigation to see what`s going on," said Cara.

DEP officials stress all of the water supplies of the communities listed in the bogus note, are safe to drink.