Cancer Awareness Week in Schuylkill County

Next week is cancer awareness week in Schuylkill County. Most of the 800 employees of Schuylkill County are wearing special wristbands that read Schuylkill County cares about cancer.

The wristbands were purchased by the County Bar Association, an organization which represents attorneys. Bar Association President Sud Patel said the program is to raise awareness about preventing the disease.

"For men getting the prostate examination, getting a colonoscopy, for women getting regular mammograms. If we can spur citizens across the County to recognize that they be a little more vigilant," said Patel.

County Commissioner Gary Hess said the program makes sense.

"As far as the fiscal management of our citizens, we also look out for their well-being, and this is an awareness program."

District Attorney Karen Byrnes-Noon said like many others, she has seen the disease.

"I have had friends, family members, and it's a very difficult disease," said Byrnes-Noon.

Commissioner George Halcovage said he has experienced the fear of contracting skin cancer on his face.

"I had a little bit of skin cancer right here, and had it zapped a couple of months ago and cancer free right now," said Halcovage.


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