Price Chopper Opening in June

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MARSHALLS CREEK -- There's a construction project underway in one section of the Poconos that's seen its share of redevelopment. That area is Marshalls Creek.

Recently, the Marshalls Creek Bypass finally opened to drivers.

Now, a new grocery store is going up replacing an old eye sore.

Construction has begun on the former Marshalls Creek Flea Market site in Marshalls Creek to build a new grocery store.

Price Chopper will be coming soon, and people couldn't be happier.

“I think it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful, we like variety, typical New Yorkers,” said Cathy Dachtera of New York.

“I think it's great. We only have the one grocery story here, not that this isn't a terrific grocery store,” said Mary Smith of Bushkill.

Bulldozers and all sorts of construction equipment are moving dirt and gravel to make way for the Price Chopper.

Middle Smithfield Township supervisor Annette Atkinson said the grocery story is a good thing for the local economy on so many levels.

“Everyone is very excited, especially because they're using local talent to put up the building. That's going to result in a number of temporary construction jobs while it goes up. It's a boost to our local economy, all the materials they’ll need to buy,” said Atkinson.

Middle Smithifield Township supervisors said the Price Chopper grocery store expects to open up its doors in June, but the grocery store is only part of the bigger project.

“They have plans for an auto store. I believe there is an Asian food place, a nail salon, a pizza parlor, so there are a couple of things going in,” said Atkinson.

“It just shows that perhaps the area is up and coming, and we're getting some recovery here,” said Smith.

Township officials said the Price Chopper will have many more food options for the population it serves.