Super 16 Showdown

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The #1 ranked team in the Super 16 countdown Delaware Valley goes thru another football practice, but this one is different for head coach Keith Olsommer with undefeated and 2nd ranked Scranton coming in.

"This is the biggest game we've ever had at Delaware Valley. Most of our big games have always been on the road so it's nice to finally get one of these games at our home place and have an opportunity in front of our crowd to do some of these things. So we're excited and really looking forward to it," said Keith Olsommer.

"You know it's exciting when your walking around and all your teachers are going Oh! You got a big one this week, and they are right because we really do. We're real excited to come out here and the fact that everyone throughout the school is getting excited for Friday night. It really puts it on you to go out here and prepare. So we're really excited," said Bryan Schor.

You should find out within the first 10 plays who holds the edge in quickness in this 1-2 match-up. For head coach Keith Olsommer his is concerned about running back Jack McCarthy and keeping an eye on him and also keeping an eye on Karlon Quiller the big threat wide receiver for the Knights.

"Quiller might be the best athlete in the state. I say that with all seriousness. He is very explosive and makes great plays week in and week out. You watch several of the games and you just watch some of the catches and you just kinda keep shaking your head at his athleticism, speed, and the way that he's playing the game the way waiters putting the ball on him. And McCarthy running the ball the guys they have around him and doing an excellent job as well," again said Keith.

DV can put up points in a hurry. Quarterback Bryan Schor's many targets include Lucas Markowitz, Conner Decker, Nick McIntyre and Eric Pizarro. The Knights could be busy on defense.

"Quarterback is tremendous. A division I football player. He's very good. Tight end is very good in Decker. Running back is a good running back. Their wide out the two wide outs are actually very good. So we got our hands full with these guys and trying to stop them. Hopefully our defense will be able to step up and all year our big time players have been coming up big for us. So I'm hoping they come thru again. It should be a good game Friday night," said Mike Marichak.

You can catch highlights of this one on the Super 16 sports final at 11pm and