Man Admits To Running Down Teens

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NEW PHILADELPHIA -- A man from Schuylkill County learned he will spend time behind bars for running down several teenagers.

George Klipola of Middleport pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.

Some said it was a bizarre case, involving a 40 year old and a group of youngsters gathered for an underage drinking party.

It all stems from an underage drinking party near New Philadelphia in June of last year. Police said Klipola showed up, got into a fight with the teens and then used his pick-up truck as a weapon, running several of them down. Three teenagers were taken to the hospital.

"I am sorry it happened, but my wife and myself were assaulted during the whole incident, and I get charged and not one kid out of 50 to 80 got charged," said Klipola.

Sheila Carpency, whose son was injured, said she does not accept the apology.

"Absolutely not! After his wife left she made a smart remark to me, absolutely not!" said Carpency.

Klipola explained why he was at an underage drinking party.

"I was up there with my wife's friend. Their car was broke down, and I was going up there to lend aid," said Klipola.

Klipola was sentenced to one to two years in state prison and said he's ready to deal with it.

"It's uncalled for, considering the nature of what happened up there in the state prison," said Klipola.

The judge in the case let George Klipola have some time to deal with his personal affairs. He reports to prison November 1.