Enjoying the Fall Foliage

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RICKETTS GLEN STATE PARK -- The fall foliage is at peak color right now in most of our area and this year all the reds, orange and yellows seem extra vibrant.

With all the sunshine Wednesday, a lot of people were at Ricketts Glen State Park, getting out to enjoy all the color before it falls away.

The mountains of northeastern and central Pennsylvania are exploding with color and all the bright vibrant foliage is calling people to get a closer look.

"I don't know if there is something special going on with the weather this year, but the colors definitely have come out this year," said Troy Blass of Benton.

Troy Blass was one of many heading off for a hike in the woods at Ricketts Glen, amazed at the extra colorful fall.

"It's just gorgeous. I wish we had every day like this. Sun's out, trees are starting to change colors," he added.

Ricketts Glen State Park is a great place to see all the fall foliage, and the waterfalls are added benefits to taking a hike there during the fall. Some people said this is the perfect time of year to come see them.

"I just love coming out here in the fall. It's beautiful in the fall. You can see the colors of the leaves. It's peaceful out here, great exercise too!" said John Hoinsky of Plains Township.

Hoinsky tries to visit the park a few times in the fall. There are 22 waterfalls at the park, all of them surrounded by bright, colorful leaves now.

"If you stand under them with the sun shining, it's beautiful, like a Christmas tree with the bright reds. It's beautiful," added Hoinsky.

"It's a perfect day today. We got lucky. The sun and weather cooperating with us," said Tom Sayre of Sweet Valley.

Tom Sayre and Katelynn Sekelsky of Sweet Valley came with a photographer to get engagement photos in all the fall glory.

They just got engaged recently at a waterfall in the park and had to come back now.

"Beautiful colors this year. They're turning just perfectly, really nice," said Sayre.

"Oranges and reds, that's what we're looking for. Really nice vibrant colors for our engagement photos," added Katelynn Sekelsky.

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