Two Truck Crashes in Two Days

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STROUDSBURG -- For hours, the ramp for the Route 209 exit (304) off Interstate 80 West was closed as crews worked to clear an overturned tractor trailer.

The rig was carrying dry goods.

State police are investigating why it overturned.

It was the second major traffic tie-up in two days in the Stroudsburg area because of big rig crashes.

"I know they keep slowing the speeds, but no one slows down. They even have these big circles, you know, to keep distance, but it doesn't seem to help," said Carol Villoresi of Henryville.

On Tuesday, state police said a tractor-trailer driver lost control on Interstate 80, flipping on a concrete median, sliding and smashing into another tractor-trailer and another vehicle.

State police said the driver will be cited for speeding.

People who live in the Stroudsburg area said problems on the interstate mean bumper to bumper traffic where they live.

"As soon as there is an accident on either direction here, everybody gets pushed off here and you can't even move. You can't move in this town," said Fran Surma of Stroud Township.

Perry Surma is a truck driver and said tractor-trailer drivers get unfairly blamed for causing most of the wrecks on the highway in this area.

"When it comes to trucks, they are a whole different ball game," said Surma.

No one was injured in either crash.