Salesman Charged with Theft, Fraud

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- Monroe County district attorney's office charged a 40-year-old salesman with stealing over $100,000 worth of equipment from his previous workplace in Tunkhannock Township. 

Police said Dale Andrew of Blakeslee was a former regional sales manager in 2011 for Husqvarna, a business that sells lawn and power tools to retail stores.

An investigation by the district attorney's office found that Andrew transferred equipment from stores in his sales territory then sold it himself at a discounted price and kept the proceeds. 

Detectives said Andrew opened his own business "115 Sales and Service" on Route 115 in Tunkhannock Township.  According to investigators, he sold the Husqvarna tools from the business, as well as from an Ebay account.

Husqvarna began an investigation to locate the missing equipment.  When the business found the truth, Andrew was fired in December of 2011.  After his dismissal, He moved to Massachusetts.

An arrest warrant led detectives to Andrew's Massachusetts home last week where they convinced Andrew to turn himself in to authorities.

Andrew turned himself in last Friday morning and was released on $25,000 bail.  He is scheduled to be in court on November 1.