Restaurant Owner Facing Arson Charges

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TOBYHANNA -- Almost exactly one year ago an arson damaged a restaurant and tavern in Monroe County.

Federal investigators accuse the owner of hiring someone to torch the place to get the insurance money. They believe Theodoros Kyriakopolous agreed to pay someone $25,000 to burn down his business.

Police arrested Kyriakopoulos, of Bristol, near Philadelphia, for hiring someone to set his business on fire last year.

His business was Dana's Restaurant and Tavern along Sterling Road near Tobyhanna.

Investigators say the fire started inside the building while Kyriakopolous was away on vacation in October, 2011.

Federal investigators later ruled it arson.

One year later, Kyriakopolous, 56, is now facing federal charges for having his restaurant torched for insurance money.

According to the Feds, Kyriakopolous hired another man, Donald Decker, 52, from Gouldsboro, to set fire to Dana's Restaurant and Tavern.

Kyriakopolous was going to collect the insurance money and agreed to pay Decker $25,000 in cash from the insurance proceeds.

Kyriakopolous is now in prison in Lackawanna County.

He is facing several federal charges, including conspiracy to commit arson.

Police say the man hired to torch the business, Donald Decker, also faces a list of similar federal charges and is expected to turn himself in soon.