Recipients React to Social Security Increase

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POTTSVILLE -- People on Social Security will receive a cost of living increase next year.

There were a lot of senior citizens at an expo at the Fairlane Village Mall near Pottsville.

Larry Dillard of Mahanoy City served as a Marine during the height of the Vietnam War and he's angry about Social Security. The government announced that recipients will receive a 1.7 percent cost of living increase next year, on average that`s about $250.

"I think they should take it and throw it away because they aren`t giving us anything! He can give money to all these foreign countries and all these politicians, what kind of raise are they getting? What about the old folks? We're the ones that built this country!," said Dilliard.

Jim Cunningham of Pine Grove agrees the increase falls short.

"It doesn't amount to much. It doesn't even give you a half a tank for a week. It means an extra $23 a month," said Cunningham.

Others are glad about what they're getting.

"I get $800 a month. I'm trying to do the best I can," Betty Zechman, of Pine Grove

"Something is better than nothing but I do believe I deserve better but I would like more. I worked all my life and I think I deserve better," said Sonia Boniscavage, of Girardville.

Some of the younger folks at the senior citizen expo are concerned about the state of Social Security.

Leilani Chenesosis of Mahanoy City has 12 and a half years before she can draw Social Security.

"I think it probably will not be there and as the years progress, it's getting more difficult," said Chenesonis

"There is just a lot of craziness going on with the government going on and you just can't be sure of anything," said Debra Stravinski of Zion Grove.

Those who get Social Security should see the increase in about three and a half months.