Debate Discussion

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WILKES-BARRE -- For the second time this campaign season, Kings College hosted a watch party for the presidential debate.

Dozens of interested students of all political affiliations settled in to watch President Obama debate Mitt Romney. For these young people, it will be the first time they will ever vote in a presidential election.

"I thought Governor Romney came out strong tonight. He was more assertive. I feel he made Obama uncomfortable in his shoes. I like his five point plan to create jobs, 12 million jobs in the next five years. (I'll be a) college grad in two years, it'll be nice to come out to a job," said Jeff Grimes, who is a Junior and a Republican.

"It was more of a dislike for Mitt Romney, his fickleness and especially his stance on women's rights particularly on health care," said Karley Stasko, a Sophomore Democrat.

"I think this debate they are about even ground. I think the first debate Romney clearly won, he had better presentation and spoke clearly and looked into the camera," said Oleh Krupko, a Freshman, and an Independent.

Organizers tell us the crowd was bigger for debate number two, an indicator they said that young people on this campus are getting more and more interested in this historic election.

"The students are engaged and are really concerned about whats going to happen in the next election," said Mike Berry, a Mass Communications professor.

Young voters came out in record numbers four years ago, a fact that analysts said helped the current president win in 2008. This was not a partisan democrat audience who came out to King's College Tuesday night, possibly reflecting the national polls which show this to be a very close race with just three weeks to go.