Dancing With the Stars: Week 4 Superfan Blog

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This is the fourth in a series of 10 weekly Dancing with the Stars superfan blogs, as authored by contest winner Sarah Palonis, of Jessup.  

I knew from the start of this season that there would be some major surprises, and I also knew that there would be some all-stars I would genuinely be sad to see depart the show, and for me this week I saw two all-stars who I adored take leave, Drew Lachey, and Helio Castroneves. To me this is a reminder of just how influential the fans votes are and for Kirstie Allie, and Bristol Palin their fans were their saving grace. Now we’re in week four, and down to 9 all-stars and their partners. This week we will have a guest judge Paula Abdul, and this week also will challenge not only the all-stars but their professional partners, as each celebrity had a dance selected for them by a fellow all-star. If you missed the dances being chosen, or missed any of the results show last Tuesday you can watch a recap here: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/dancing-with-the-stars/. Now on to week four!

Kirstie and Maks kicked off the night with the Charleston which was probably the best dance of the season for her. With the stakes rising and the pressure increasing Kirstie definitely showed her determination and the pair earned 30 out of 40.

Bristol and Mark had Rock and Roll selected for them, and all judges remarked on what an improvement they have seen, and how well Bristol hit the steps, this improvement earned Bristol and Mark a score of 32 from the judges.

Disco was the dance selected for Sabrina and Louie and they set out to wow the judges since Carrie Ann felt that Sabrina didn’t bring anything new to last week’s show. This week Sabrina definitely was in top form, channeling her inner disco queen, and impressing the judges with the vibrancy and energy in the dance. The energy impressed the judges enough to give the pair a 35.5! Also it has been announced next week will be Freestyle dancing, with the two couples with the highest cumulative score selecting their Freestyle teams tomorrow night during the results show which will definitely be exciting!

Dancing the style Bolero and our next couple up were Emmitt and Cheryl, and this dance was a challenge for Cheryl bringing in some help with the dance since she was unfamiliar with it. The grace, elegance, and overall quality of the dance were noticed not only by judges, but fans. It was such a beautiful job reminding us how truly graceful Emmitt can be earning them their first nine of the season, and a score of 36.

Gilles and Peta were not going to be outdone this week, having been given the style Bollywood they definitely faced a challenge as neither have danced this style before. You wouldn’t know it however based on the fantastic performance they gave earning 39.5 with the season’s first 10!

Melissa and Tony danced next performing the Jitterbug or as Len referred to it the “Glitterbug” showing his approval of their performance. Melissa always seems to do things so effortlessly, and tonight was no difference with the pair getting 37!

After the Jitterbug we saw Shawn and Derek Mambo, and as usual Shawn was at the top of her game, with perfect movement, and athleticism. They blew the judges away earning the same as Gilles and Peta with their own 10’s and a total score of 39.5.

Apolo and Karina entertained us with their style of Hip Hop, and definitely though Karina wasn’t in favor of Hip Hop she promised to help give her best calling in a Hip Hop expert. The performance brought Karina to tears feeling she messed up the whole routine by slipping still the pair earned a 34.5.

Finally Kelly and Val danced contemporary, with Kelly braving a broken toe. They gave us a passionate performance full of grace despite injury and getting a well deserved 37.5.

Tonight was full of many emotions ranging from joy, fear, or frustration. Tomorrow will be a difficult results show, though I personally feel Bristol will be leaving us as her dancing was least impressive to me. However her fans have saved her before and so we could be seeing any all-star leave so place your votes!

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