Quality of Life Law in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE -- Some properties in Pottsville have fallen into disrepair.

Under the city's new "Quality of life" Law, property owners who do not make repairs can be fined a maximum of $1,000 and spend three months in jail.

"Our ultimate goal here is compliance with our codes and not to issue tickets, so we hope that we can work with the people to bring their properties up to code. If they don't, we still have tickets and we can utilize them." said Tom Palamar, the city administrator.

Water runs into a vacant house on Railroad Street because of a damaged roof and the porch coming apart.

Residents who live near the dilapidated buildings like the crackdown.

"It cuts down on the neighborhood, people try and take care of their homes and then you have that sitting there," said John Lisowski, of Pottsvillle.

"They should rip a lot of these places down because a lot of them are condemned, I mean a lot of them," said area resident Cheryl Karkanica.

City officials have already compiled a list of about 200 rundown properties and said most of them are vacant.  Now they're trying to track down the owners and convince them to make repairs. 

Officials said they'll only issue the quality of life tickets if a building owner repeatedly refuses to comply.

"It's a great place to live but with the implementation of this quality of life ordinance, I think it`s going to be a great place to live," said Mayor John Reiley.

If you know of a blighted property, please contact Pottsville city officials.


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