Vandalism Spree in Berwick

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BERWICK -- Vandals caused quite a mess overnight in Columbia County, damaging a high school football field and several businesses.

It was not the first time, but this time had the community coming together to clean it all up.

Vandals did not stop the action at Crispin Field as the Eagles took on the Ravens in the Berwick Youth Football League.

Photos sent to WNEP and Facebook showed the mess found at the stadium hours earlier.

"We came down this morning and the inside of our trailer, all our food was dumped everywhere. A brand-new gas grill we got yesterday dumped over on its side, busted up. Everything was just thrown all over the place. It was an absolute mess," said Brian Williams, vice president of the Berwick Youth Football League .

Crispin Field is also the home of the Berwick Area Bulldogs.

A window in the visiting team`s locker room was smashed. So were several in the press box, where vandals also sprayed a fire extinguisher, even dumping donuts.

Volunteers with the youth league came together to clean it all up before and even during the games.

The president of the Berwick Youth Football League said it is about the fifth time in six weeks that the trailer was damaged, but this time was, by far, the worst.

"It’s taking money away from all our little boys and girls. Our concession stand is one of our biggest money-makers and now all the food is trashed," said Williams.

"It was sad to see that the kids, their field that they play on was trashed, and that people take that advantage and just take it away from them and without the people coming together to clean it, nobody would be able to play. The kids, I think, did a great job coming to help." added Dawn Persing, a youth cheerleading coach.

The football field was not the only target. Just yards away, vandals also broke in to Steve`s Restaurant, smashing windows and more.

"They damaged our coolers, our walk in coolers, the beer coolers. They stole the computer. But unfortunately, two weeks ago, less than two weeks ago, we were broken into before and they stole our big screen tv, our sound system, about $3,000 worth of liquor and beer," said owner Steven Sorce.

Once again, volunteers came together, scraping obscenities written in ketchup off the wall and wiping down tables and chairs also sprayed with a fire extinguisher.

"We live here. It`s my town. Why not help out with the community?" said football player Ahren Slusser.

"Probably about two hours ago, I probably would have said it`s time to just close up and leave go, but everybody from the football and all the young football league parents and the kids came over to help. You can see the better side of the community, and there`s far more better in the community than there are bad," added Sorce.

Sorce said someone also smashed a window at Napa Auto Parts next door to the restaurant.

Officials with the Berwick Youth Football League estimate up to $1,000 in damage was done to their concession trailer.

"I hope they catch who does it and prosecutes them as much as they can. Most importantly, I think they need to pay restitution to everybody involved, because there’s a lot of people affected," added Williams.

Berwick police are investigating the incidents.