Church Members React to Church Vandalism

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DURYEA -- A church in Luzerne County was vandalized on Saturday.

Police said the culprit or culprits damaged several items with spray paint. Meanwhile church members said, they can't believe someone would do this.

Black spray paint covered the face of a statue at Holy Rosary church in Duryea.

Police said the vandals also hit the second floor choir section and spray painted organ keys and a bench.

“Very sad to think that someone could do something like that to a church. It's sad and heartbreaking,” said Jennifer Jackubowski of Avoca.

“Vandalism is a terrible thing, but to do that in a church is really low, and whoever did that is going to pay the price,” said Joe Nealon of Duryea.

Father Andrew Sinnott said the church is unlocked during the day.

Duryea Police believe the vandals walked into the church sometime between 11 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. and spray painted all the items. Now church officials are considering locking the building when they're not in service.

“It's an unfortunate thing because if you do want to come and spend time to pray it's a shame you can't walk into your church and pray, and now it's a thought, we may have to lock it,” said Kathy Kamor of Duryea.

Father Sinnott said the statues that were spray painted are very special to the church community.

“These are the original statues here at the Holy Rosary Church. When they consolidated St. Joseph's Church they brought the statue of St. Joseph and them in the church,” said Father Sinnott.

He added the church community has gone through a lot in the past year.

Flooding last September damaged their basement, and they have since cleaned up and rebuilt.

For someone to do this, adds insult to injury, but they will get through it.

“They are all talking about it, and praying with one another and crying on eachothers’ shoulders. This shows the faith we have in our parish,” said Father Sinnott.

Father Sinnott also said it will cost a lot of money to repair the items.

If anyone has information on the crime, call Duryea Police at (570) 457-1721.