Emergency Drill Helps Workers Prepare

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BRODHEADSVILLE -- Smoke spewed out of a tanker truck, as several students jump out of the school bus one by one.

Fire fighters and emergency workers worked quickly to clean up the chemical spill.

Several kids were seen lying on the side of the road injured.

An emergency simulation in Monroe County brought out dozens Saturday, all to help get workers ready for anything.

"When an actual event occurs those that respond the way they've been trained, if you don't train and practice again and again, more people end up hurt, more people end up killed unfortunately," said Robert Wert, a member of the NEPA counter-terrorism task force.

Werts, the organizer, said this practice drill included a tanker truck that spilled haz mat chemicals on the road, in Broadheadsville.

The school bus and students are volunteers from Pleasant Valley School District.

Firefighters who are training in this exercise said it all seemed very authentic.

"I feel it was absolutely real, we had a lot of organizations involved I feel it was a pretty realistic situation can happen," said firefighter Jon Mostafa.

After the drill, the coroner's office and state police conducted a mass fatality and scene reconstruction exercise.

Trainees said this is the best way to get ready for worse case scenarios, training in stressful situations, will help prepare you the best.

"Training is very important this is where we learn, we make our mistakes better to do it here than a real life situation," said Robert Geyer, the Assistant Chief of West End Fire Company.