Tuberculosis in The Poconos

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- Students at East Stroudsburg High School North, near Bushkill, and their parents have just been told one student attending North has been diagnosed with a suspected case of tuberculosis of the lungs.

"First I got scared, I was like oh my god what's going on, but then when i thought about it, my daughter has shots," said Barbara Soler, of Marshalls Creek.

Tuberculosis is a disease transmitted through the air.

In order for someone to get it, they must be in close and prolonged contact with the infected person .

The department of health contacted school officials about the suspected case earlier this week. And helped the school identify students who were in close contact with the infected person.

"A letter has gone home to our families of the students we feel should be tested," said Superintendent Sharon Laverdure.

Laverdure said those students and teachers will be offered a free TB skin test, which is used to find out if someone has a tuberculosis infection.

The school is taking even more action and will be holding an informational session inside the auditorium.  At the informational session will be health department officials and the school`s physician to answer any and all questions students and parents might have.

"They're trying their best to see what's going on," said Soler.

But the superintendent of the schools said after talking with health department officials, her mind is at ease about this one suspected case.

"We've been assured it's very rare in this case," said Laveradure.