Parents Concerned After Reports of Attempted Child Luring

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WAVERLY -- Parents in a part of Lackawanna County are on alert after a man reportedly tried to lure a child into his car.

School officials at Waverly Elementary said it happened to one of their students as he was dropped off at his bus stop.

Parents said it was alarming to see the letter their children brought home from Waverly Elementary School Wednesday afternoon, telling them there was a report of a man trying to lure a student into his car.

“It’s very frightening so all of us are really just paying more attention to our kids and where they are at all times and even the after-school program here, they’re being very strict about who’s going home with who and making sure the parents are picking them up,” said parent Beth Taylor.

“I lived in New York my whole life so coming here I didn’t expect it to be in this little community actually,” said parent Kerry Callahan.

According to the letter, the incident happened at the intersection of Willow Street and Laurel Hill in Glenburn Township as the child was getting off his bus after school Tuesday afternoon.

The letter said an older white man tried to get the boy into his car by offering him video games.

Students at Waverly said other children on the bus also saw what happened.

“I actually take the bus that it happened on,” said fourth grade student Andrew Taylor. “But I didn’t see it because I’m the second stop, and I think it happened after my stop.”

“We’re very proud of the student who did a great job reporting it to his parents, who in turn got the school district and local law enforcement involved,” said Abington Heights Superintendent Michael Mahon.

Mahon also commended Waverly Elementary’s principal for getting the word out quickly, something parents said they were grateful for as well.

“Actually from a bad thing caused some good conversations to come out with the kids and really let them know what to do, that it happens everywhere,” said parent Erin Osterhout.

It seems the children have gotten the message.

“If someone asks you to get in their car, you scream and run away and tell the nearest adult that you know,” said fourth grade student Taryn Comegys.

“You don’t do what they said, and find the nearest adult that you know,” said Taylor.

The principal of Waverly Elementary said he has spoken to all the students about Tuesday’s incident and told them to report any suspicious activity to their parents, school officials and the police.