Haunted Tour at Eckley Miners Village

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ECKLEY MINERS' VILLAGE -- Haunted lantern tours at Eckley Miners' Village drew a brave crowd Friday night, as people walked the historic village in Luzerne County, looking for scares.

"It`s an exciting night, the site lends itself well to sort of haunted walk and haunted tour," said Eckley Miners Village site administrator Bode Morin.

The walking tour lasts about an hour and has 10 stops, where about 30 volunteers put on skits. Some are scary, others are funny. For many the annual tour is about more than the thrills and chills. It is about remembering the history of the place, a 19th century coal-mining town.

"We keep getting back visitors here for 16 years, ok and some of these people are coming from North Carolina, and Georgia and Philadelphia, some of them even take a motel here. It`s kind of like a family tradition," said Robert Vybrenner, who plays 'The Undertaker' at the haunted tour.

"This is where my wife was raised in her younger years, so why not have them be part of the family tradition, get to know the history," said Leo Decowski of Freeland, who came with his wife and two granddaughters.

The tour lasts three weekends at Eckley Miners' Village.