Ga-Ga Over Garfield

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EFFORT -- It took one man a little more than two decades to collect hundreds of pieces of memorabilia of a famous comic-strip character.

Now the man is selling his beloved collection to help make ends meet.

If you take a look around Mike McGrath`s one bedroom, it wouldn`t take too long to realize he goes 'Ga-Ga' over Garfield.

"Over the years I've collected plates, fish tanks, cat beds, mats, ceiling lights," said McGrath.

McGrath who lives in Effort, became a Garfield groupie in 1988 when he started collecting anything and everything Garfield related.

Now, McGrath has decided to part with his cat collectibles because times are tough.

"With the cost of everything going up and social security remaining the same, it's difficult times, and school taxes are what they are," said McGrath.

So he`s hoping to find a good home for his unforgettable feline figurines, stuffed animals, pictures and Christmas ornaments to name a few.

To McGrath, Garfield is the cat's meow when it comes to personalities.

"Garfield is outspoken, he tells people the way it is, he doesn't hide his feelings," said McGrath.

McGrath believes Garfield has yet to find out about Talkback 16, but if he did, "He would probably talk about mainly Snedeker. About sometimes all he needs is a red rubber nose,".

So maybe one day Garfield himself will call Talkback 16 to give us a piece of his mind.

If you are interested in purchasing some of McGrath's Garfield memorabilia, you're asked to call him at 570-619-5344.