Candidates Clash For 17th District Seat

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WILKES-BARRE -- Candidates for the 17th Congressional District went head to head in Wilkes-Barre Wednesday night.

Democrat Matt Cartwright and Republican Laureen Cummings met on the campus of Wilkes University.

They battled over the economy, healthcare, and energy policies.

Cartwright is a lawyer from Lackawanna County running for political office for the first time.

“We should have people in Washington that are there to stick up for 100 percent of the people,” said Cartwright.

Cummings is a nurse from Lackawanna County who says she will stand up for industries in Pennsylvania.

“I will stand up for coal, I will stand up for oil, I will stand up for any type of energy we have to get this country back on its way,” said Cummings.

The seat in the17th Congressional District, which stretches from Scranton to Schuylkill County is up for grabs after incumbent Democrat Tim Holden was beaten by Cartwright in the spring primary.