Kurt Keiper is Back in Snyder County

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A former businessman is back in Snyder County, months after he jumped bail and fled to Colorado. Kurt Keiper was finally back in court on Wednesday, and a judge wanted to make sure he would not be getting out of jail any time soon.

The judge set bail for Kurt Kepier at $4.5 million. The Snyder County District Attorney said it's the highest bail he's ever seen.

Keiper fled to Colorado earlier this year after pleading guilty to scamming several people out of almost $350,000.

On Sunday, authorities brought him back to Snyder County. Since Keiper is a flight risk, a judge set his bail at $4.5 million.

"It's the highest bail I've seen in a theft case, but then again it's the biggest theft case I have ever been involved with," said Snyder County D.A. Mike Piecuch.

Earlier this year, Keiper pleaded guilty to theft and fraud charges. Investigators said he scammed dozens of people out of almost $350,000. One of those people is businessman Bruce Witkop.

"The guy was pretty charismatic as you can imagine and a very smooth talker," said Witkop.

About three years ago, Keiper rented property near Selinsgrove from Witkop. Witkop said Keiper asked for money to help him buy and sell a truck.

After Witkop had a successful investment with Kurt Keiper, he decided to help him out two more times. He wasn't so lucky then.

"Over time we found out neither of those vehicles ever existed and the money just disappeared," said Witkop.

Witkop gave Keiper almost $70,000. He did not get any of that money back, and knows he probably never will. However, knowing the man he calls a "financial predator" is back behind bars is satisfying.

"I'm sure if he could make bail he'd take off again. If he could get away with it," said Witkop.

Keiper's attorney would not say exactly why Keiper ran off to Colorado instead of showing up for court, just that Keiper had issues to take care of. Kurt Keiper faces at least 10 years in prison, when he is sentenced in Snyder County.