Four Caught After Pawn Shop Theft

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BLOOMSBURG -- Four people were caught trying to sell stolen jewelry and coins at a pawn shop Wednesday morning, according to police in Columbia County.

Bloomsburg police said the items were stolen by those same four people the day before from another pawn shop just down the street.

Justin Lindsay, 18, was walked out of the Bloomsburg police station in handcuffs charged with burglary and other offenses.

Police said Lindsay, Ryan Lee, 25, and two juveniles were arrested for a break-in which took place at Bob`s Coins pawn shop on East Street around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“Small stuff, like I had a jar of steel cents I sell for 10 cents apiece was gone,” said owner Dan Griffin. “A thing of foreign coins that I buy for five cents apiece, they were gone. The only main thing they got was jewelry that I had in the back room.”

Griffin said the thieves broke out a bottom window in the door and went inside.

Police notified other pawn shops about the theft.

The owner of a nearby pawn shop said she came to work Wednesday morning and found a group of young men waiting for her.

“I know that they were looking for some things to sell, however I wasn`t interested in buying.”

She didn't want to be identified by name. She called police and when officers arrived they began talking with the group.

“They were having a discussion and the next thing I know they were patting them down and searching them, and that`s when they discovered the items.”

“I don`t know about dumbest crime, but it`s up there,” said Griffin while laughing.

Police recovered the items from the suspects which they said were stolen from Griffin and are worth around $3,000.

Police believe the reason they stole the items was simply to get money.

Investigators said one of the adults is homeless, the two juveniles are runaways, and none of the four have jobs.

“There`s easier ways to get money, you can actually get a job, but I mean, yeah, some people are just desperate,” said Griffin.

Police said the two juveniles were released to their families and will be charged through juvenile court.

Lindsay was taken to the Columbia County jail after his arraignment, and Lee is already at the jail for a probation violation.

Police said Lee will be charged at a later date.