Taste Test: Chips Ahoy Gooey Caramel

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Dessert doesn't get much more classic. Than the chocolate chip cookie.

Well, the folks at chips ahoy thought they could make that time-tested cookie even better by adding caramel in the middle.

It didn't take much arm-twisting at The Mall at Steamtown in Scranton to get a group of siblings to try the new Chips Ahoy Gooey Caramel Cookies: soft chocolate chip cookies with a layer of gooey caramel inside.

10-year-old Darren Panero from Lake Ariel said, "They had this caramel gooey stuff inside, and it was different from the regular Chips Ahoy."

His sister, Rachel Panero said, "It's not hard, it's soft. It's gooey inside and it tastes really good."

Even the grown-ups had good things to say about the gooey cookies.

Chris Panero said, "It was pretty good, I like the caramel. I like the soft cookie better than the hard, usually."

Laura Gutirrez-Simmones said, "I thought it was good. I like caramel a lot, so I thought it was good. It was different."

Two cookies make up one serving. That's 140 calories, five grams of fat, and twelve grams of sugar.

But tasters say they're worth the calories!

"They're good," said Stephen Brush, from Scranton. "I like how soft it was, and the caramel makes it even better than the normal one."

For some, they may taste a little too good.

"I don't know, i watch the diet pretty close," said Mike from Hazleton. "I try and stay away from this stuff... the secret is not to buy them. But it tastes good!"

Chips Ahoy Gooey Caramel go for $3.79 a package. There are 18 cookies in a package.

We found them at Gerrity's.