Sandusky Sentencing: The Spectators

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BELLEFONTE -- Around 40 spectators walked out of the Centre County Courthouse after Jerry Sandusky's sentencing, some were upset about the length of the sentence given to the former Penn State assistant football coach, saying 30 to 60 years is too lenient.

"I don't know why he would have spared them any time. I mean, 30 to 60 years, that means he'll be 90-something when he can get out. I think that's too light," Danielle Riglin, of Howard.

Others were happy and feel justice was served.

"For all practical purposes it's a life sentence because he is 68 years old. From what I understand it's a minimum of 30 so he would be 98," said Ernie Mccue, of State College.

Before court began, people lined up outside the courthouse in Bellefonte. Hoping to get a seat inside the courtroom. Some had come to Sandusky's trial and wanted closure.

"I wanted to be here and hear for myself what he had to say and make my own judgments," said Joe Torrell, of Bellefonte.

One woman said sandusky was smiling and blowing kisses to his wife after the sentence was read. The people we spoke to said his actions did not surprise them.

"Frustrating that there wasn't more accountability taken on Mr. Sandusky's part. It just really is a sad thing for the victims," said Cindy Brumbaugh, of Bellefonte.

"It made me angry. I was already angry with the man but I wasn't surprised how he presented himself," said Torrell.