Sandusky Sentencing: Live Blog

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Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, who was found guilty on 45 counts of molesting children, will learn his fate today.

Sandusky faces a minimum of 10 years (if the judge make the sentences for all of the crimes concurrent instead of consecutive) and a maximum of 218.5 years in prison. 

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Jon Meyer October 9, 201212:32 pm

Statement from Penn State University President Rodney Erikson: “Our thoughts today, as they have been for the last year, go out to the victims of Jerry Sandusky’s abuse. While today’s sentence cannot erase what has happened, hopefully it will provide comfort to those affected by these horrible events and help them continue down the road to recovery.”

Jon Meyer October 9, 201212:31 pm

We just interviewed two of the jurors from the Sandusky trial who felt they had to be here for closure. They think justice was done and hope the victims find closure too.

Shawn Dunn October 9, 201212:16 pm

Governor Corbett Releases Statement on Sandusky Sentencing:

“I want to thank the career prosecutors, state troopers, and agents who conducted this thorough and intensive investigation.

“These cases are difficult in the best of circumstances. It is to the credit of these investigators, along with the resilience of the victims, resulting in an airtight case, the conviction of 45 crimes – and now, today’s sentence.

“I want to especially commend the victims in the case, who had the courage to come forward and testify in open court, in spite of tremendous pressure and national publicity.

“Today’s sentence will hopefully give comfort to those young men, whose trust in the justice system is rewarded by seeing this man go to prison for the rest of his life.’’

Jon Meyer October 9, 201211:29 am

Jerry Sandusky at sentencing: “Others can take my life. They can make me out as a monster. They can treat me as a monster. They can’t take away my heart. In my heart, I know I did not do these disgusting acts.”

Jon Meyer October 9, 201211:29 am

Victim 4 at sentencing: “Rather than take accountability for your actions you decided to attack us as if we did something wrong. I don’t know if I can ever forgive you.”

Jon Meyer October 9, 201211:19 am

During sentencing, Jerry Sandusky told the judge, “I am filled with emotion, I’m filled with determination. I didn’t do these alleged disgusting acts.”

Jon Meyer October 9, 201211:18 am

Defense attorney Joe Amendola told the media if he had more time to prepare for trial, Sandusky would have been found not guilty.

Jon Meyer October 9, 201211:18 am

Addressing the media after the sentencing, prosecutor Joe McGettigan called Sandusky’s statement “ridiculous”

Jon Meyer October 9, 201210:22 am

SANDUSKY SENTENCED TO 30-60 YEARS IN PRISON. Judge said in effect he is sentencing Sandusky to life in prison.

Shawn Dunn October 9, 20129:56 am

Take a look back at the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse trial HERE

Shawn Dunn October 9, 20128:58 am

Jerry Sandusky has arrived at the Centre County Courthouse.