Noon Update: Pedestrian Hit And Killed

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The Luzerne County Coroner now says the woman who died in a crash early this morning near Pittston is 27-year-old Donna Urban from Wilkes-Barre.

It appears that just a few hours before the crash, police pulled over the woman and impounded her car.

This was just scene shortly after 4:15 in the morning along Oak Street off Route 315 near Pittston.

Pittston Township Police say three people were walking here when a car drove by and hit two of them. The driver stopped and reported the crash to police. A man was hurt and taken to the hospital

Donna Urban of Wilkes-Barre died from her injuries. According to Pittston Township Police, Urban was pulled over at a traffic stop in West Pittston earlier in the morning.

West Pittston Police say they stopped her for several moving violations and then became suspicous of some other crime.

They took her back to the station for questioning, impounded her car, and released her to an address in Pittston at around 2AM.

Pittston Township Police say Urban and the other victim were hit near the inersection of Oak Street and Enterprise Way just a few hours later.

The people who work around her told me that with the recent development of this area. There is more foot traffic, but one of the problems is, as you can see, there aren't any sidewalks.

"Earlier in the morning, that was kind of shocking to hear it was that early in the morning because mostly everybody I see is during the day time, but I know there's been some problems before on Oak Street up here," said Dr. Shawn Casey, who works nearby.

Investigators do not expect to file charges against the driver because they say they believe it was an accident.

They're still not releasing the name of the man who was hurt in the crash. Investigators have also not said any more about where the three people were walking to or from or why urban's car was impounded in the first place.

The coroner will examine Urban's body tomorrow morning.