Election Bureau Busy

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POTTSVILLE -- Today is the deadline to register to vote in the November election.

The election bureau in Schuylkill County was busy with people wanting to make sure their vote counts.

Frannie Brennan runs the election bureau in Pottsville and she's busy, time stamping voter registrations forms. Brennan said this was the deadline for registering to vote or changing your registration.

"We have increased. Voter registration forms are being sent in every day. You see how many we have right here," said Brennan.

Egyptian native Moamona Khalil became an American citizen 10 years ago and is registering to vote for the first time.

"I want to vote because now I am an American citizen and I want my vote to make a difference," Khalil explained.

Dave Hartranft is getting an absentee ballot for his son who is in college. Hartranft said he has not missed a vote in 35 years. He explained this Presidential election is especially important.

"It's going to decide what direction our country goes in and it's one of the most vital votes i have been a part of," said Hartranft.

Nicole Koppenhaver said she hopes to vote in every election too.

"You have this choice when you turn 18 you have this responsibility. Whether or not you chose to vote it's a pretty big deal for our country," said Koppenhaver.

If you can't get to your polling place to vote there is another way by absentee ballot. Officials here at the Schuylkill County election bureau say the deadline for filing is October 30th.