Sandusky To Speak? Students React

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THROOP -- Penn State students at the Worthington Scranton campus are paying attention to Jerry Sandusky and his scheduled sentencing Tuesday.

“I think it affects the university and the reputation of it," said Mike Baldauff, a senior.

Jerry Sandusky is expected to speak at his sentencing and even reportedly proclaim his innocence, despite being found guilty of 45 counts related to child sexual abuse.

"I’m really surprised that he’s still trying to proclaim he’s innocent. I mean there’s just so much evidence mounted against him and the public opinion, everyone feels he’s guilty and they’re slamming him with everything they’ve got. They know he did it," said Zachary Carling, a Penn State freshman.

"I don’t understand how you can like proclaim your innocence when you’re, like, proven to be guilty," said student Laurance Strothers.

Some students said they do not want to hear anything from Jerry Sandusky, but others said he absolutely has a right to say what he wants.

"I think it like goes back to freedom of speech and I think that’s his opinion he feels like he’s innocent, I don’t know if it’s true," said Kai Strachan, a Penn State freshman.

Whether or not he proclaims his innocence, Jerry Sandusky will be sentenced to time behind bars.

"That’s like one of the worst crimes you could possibly commit, so he should be in there for life," said student Sara Melvin.