Music School Hopes for New Studio

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MUNCY TOWNSHIP--A music school in Williamsport hopes to build a recording studio. Uptown Music Collective was recently awarded a $10,000 grant. In order to get the money, the school must raise another $10,000.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to playing a musical instrument, and students at Uptown Music Collective in Williamsport spend almost every day doing just that.

"I take guitar lessons and musical theory lessons. We bring it all together in our performances," Ronald Reynolds said.

Whether it's r&b or classic rock, students can fine-tune their skills. Uptown Music Collective offers after-school lessons to young musicians.

Uptown Music Collective recently got a $10,000 federal grant to build a new recording studio inside the school on Fourth Street. But in order to receive the grant money, the school needs to match it by raising another $10,000.

In order to turn this room into a recording studio, the Uptown Music Collective will need to sound-proof it, buy new software and new equipment. The staff and kids all say the recording studio will be put to good use.

"This will give them the opportunity for free to do their own projects, they can bring their own bands in. They can just toy with the studio and discover how to make the sounds," Dave Brumbaugh said.

The school is asking for $5 donations to reach its goal of $10,000.

"It would give our students a chance to record their ideas and built a musical base that we can work off of if they want to make a career out of it," Reynolds said.

"If we wrote our own music and even we could record covers. I think it would be awesome and really cool," Gianna Rockoff said.

If you would like to help build a recording studio at Uptown Music Collective, click here.