Learning to Walk Again

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP -- For Lisa Sudo to walk, she first needs to be strapped in.

She gets instructions, some help standing up, and finally off she goes.

Walking used to be easier for Sudo but she was paralyzed in an ATV accident in 2008.

Ever since then she's been taking steps to learn how to walk again.

"I just didn't believe that i would never walk again whether the doctors told me or not. I'm just always looking for a way to prove them wrong," said Sudo, of Hanover Township.

Just a few weeks ago, her doctors referred her here to the good shepherd rehabilitation network in Allentown.

Here they use a device called the Ekso, short for Ekso-skeleton.

It's a 48 pound body piece that supports and helps people to walk with a normal walking pattern.

"In the four visits that we've seen her, she's made a lot of progress. Each time she leaves here, she takes more steps. Her confidence improves," her physical therapist Nicole Smith.

For most of people, walking doesn't require thinking. We don't count the number of steps we take, but for Lisa that's one of the most important parts of her session here at good shepherd.

In this session she took almost a hundred more steps than in her last session in a shorter amount of time.

The look of determination on Sudo's face says it all.

"The best thing is having a conversation with someone and looking them in their eyes and not looking up at them," said Sudo.