Historic Church Torn Down

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GIRARDVILLE -- The owner of a demolition company guides his machine to slowly take apart this old church in Girardville.

Officials said the Primitive Methodist Church along Main Street hasn't been used in years and developed structural problems, so the house of worship must go.

"There was a brick front and it was backed up by the red brick and actually when some chunks hit the ground it shakes the whole neighborhood. It was a strongly-built building, but it's sad to see the place being taken down you know," said Tom Dempsey.

Dempsey is the community's historian.

"It was founded by English coal miners back in the Civil War years," said Dempsey.

"We have to brace up and shore when we're taking the roof off and when we're taking the walls down, so they don't go out and do any damage," said Bill Williams, of Northeast Industrial Services.

Williams has 33 years of experience in the demolition business.

Neighbor Bryan Kimmel hopes everything goes according to plan. His house is about 20 feet from the back of the church.

"I have a big concern with collapse with my house being so close, you have a brick wall which is 20 feet higher than my house," said Kimmel.

The demolition company owner expects the Primitive Methodist Church will be down within the week. The church is paying for the demolition and expects to sell the land to a business.