Brackney Inn now Smoker-Friendly Again

BRACKNEY -- A popular bar and restaurant in Susquehanna County is now allowing smoking inside. The Brackney Inn had allowed smoking for its patrons until the beginning of this October when their permit with the state expired.

That`s when the owners, who are non-smokers, tried to see if their customers would welcome a non-smoking bar.

Owner Greg MacBlane says his business has dropped off 25-percent when smoking was banned. He now plans to keep the restaurant a smoker-friendly establishment. He also says it will continue to draw in business from outside of Pennsylvania.

'We`re right on the border of New York, and in New York there is no smoking at all, so there`s a lot of people from the Binghamton area that come up to the Brackney Inn specifically because there is smoking,' said MacBlane.

The Brackney Inn does have a separate closed off dining section for non-smoking families who want to eat at the restaurant.


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