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Monroe County Man Arrested For Alleged Meth Lab

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POLK TOWNSHIP -- A man is locked up in Monroe County after police said he was operating a meth lab inside his home in the Poconos.

Officers arrested Bryan Hildebrant, 37, after a traffic stop Friday night.

Police said Hildebrant was taken into custody after he was pulled over for driving with a broken head light and tail light.

Police believed he was driving under the influence, and further questioning lead them to search his home in Monroe County where they found the meth lab.

Police in Monroe County said inside the house in the Robinhood Lakes community officers found a meth lab.

Neighbors said they saw police at the home for hours.

“At first there was one state trooper there from about a little after ten, and we went to bed at 11:30, he was still there, and then two more came, and they were here until after one,” said Neil Ahner.

“I knew they were there for Bryan probably, but I didn’t know what was going on,” said Tammi Green.

Neighbors said the house is Hildebrant’s father’s, and Hildebrant has been living there with him in a basement apartment.

They said they feel sorry for Hildebrant’s father.

“It’s a shame for his dad because his dad’s such a nice guy, he’s a great neighbor, he’d do anything for anybody,” said Green.

They also said even with previous police activity at the house they never believed there was a meth lab just yards from their home.

“I’ve never expected that to happen. I’ve expected other things but not that,” said Abner.

“I’ve seen the cops there a lot and it’s always for Bryan,” said Green.

Police said Hildebrant is facing numerous drug charges in Monroe County and DUI charges will be filed in Carbon County, pending results of a blood test.