Man With Local Ties Takes Board Game From Living Room to iPad

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RelapseGameUPDATE:  In the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, the makers of “Relapse The Game” are donating 26% of proceeds from game downloads for 26 months in honor of the victims.  You can read more about their efforts in the February edition of the Mensa Bulletin.

Robert Grucella, a graduate of Hanover Area High School who now lives in Florida with his son, joined forces with friends, Jeffery Krueger and Jeff Kanz to take the world of mobile apps by storm with “Relapse The Game.”

“Relapse” had humble beginnings as a homegrown board game created by Jeffrey Krueger in the 1980’s. The game includes elements of classic games like checkers and chess, but with Krueger’s own twists.

Krueger initially donated the board game to military personnel overseas. A YouTube video was also created, providing setup instructions for the game (see the YouTube clip below).
Relapse gained quite a following from the YouTube video in the United States and abroad, even spawning a Facebook page centered around the game.

Robert Grucella, a marketing and promotions expert and Jeff Kanz, a software engineer and entrepreneur also became fans of the game. With their friend Jeffery Krueger, the three men formed KGK Enterprises with the simple goal of making Relapse an app that would be enjoyed by millions of players around the world.

Grucella says the game takes just minutes to learn and the ease of game play helps Relapse transcend age, language and cultural barriers, allowing players from around the globe to challenge each other.

The app version of Relapse was created by a friend of Kanz. Within months, the app passed Apple’s strict guidelines and made it’s debut in the Apple App Store in June. An ad-free version of the app will be available for $2.99 by year’s end with an Android version to follow.

Krueger, Grucella and Kanz are happy to see their dream of introducing the game to millions becoming a reality. Relapse will also be featured in Mensa Society Bulletin’s November issue.

“If you have something you want to accomplish, you have to go for it.  If you don’t succeed, at least you tried. If you don’t at least try to make it happen, you only have yourself to blame.” says Grucella.

Will Relapse reach the popularity level of apps like Angry Birds and Instagram? Only time will tell, but with a fan base dating back to the 80’s and popularity already spanning the globe, it’s certainly possible.