Neglected Horses on Way to Recovery

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WOODWARD TOWNSHIP -- The recovery continues for two horses in Lycoming County that were rescued from their owners who officials said neglected the animals.

Tex and Duke have come a long way at Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue near Williamsport. The stallions were taken from their owners in mid-August.

Pamela Koch and other volunteers with the rescue organization have been caring for the animals ever since.

"They were so lethargic, they didn't even want to drink or eat," said Koch.

Photos taken by the Lycoming County S.P.C.A. show the horses with little to no fat and humane officer Larry Woltz said he warned the owners several times before taking the animals with a warrant.

Robert and Teresa Walburn of the Hughesville area now face animal cruelty charges and the horses face a long road to recovery.

Woltz said Tex and Duke are lucky to be at Appalachian Horse Help and Rescue.

"They do wonders. They have 50 volunteers, they are experts at rehabilitating horses," said Woltz.

There is no telling how many animals at one time the rescue organization will have at one time. That can lead to some pretty high costs for things like veterinarian visits and feed for the horses.

"We need a lot of donations just to keep the feed and vets and the hay is costly, it's four dollars a bale right now," said Koch.

Tex and Duke have already gained a lot of weight but Koch said it could be a year before they're back to where they need to be.