Haunted House Brings Fun Night of Fright

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- It’s that time of year again.

With Halloween just around the corner, thrill seekers were out Friday night, taking in some ghoulish-delights.

Haunted houses are open for business in our area, including Gravestone Manor, which raises money for the United Way of the Wyoming Valley.

It's a dimly lit mansion, with room after room filled with horror.

Blood curdling screams ring out through the air, ghoulish figures jump out from dark corners.

Abandon all hope ye who enter; this is Gravestone Manor.

The haunted house is up and running again for the Halloween season in Plains Township, and thrill-seekers came out for a night of fright.

“I love Halloween pretty much so,” said Lauren MacVicar of Avoca.

“It`s nice, you have a lot of fun. it`s a little scary and everything, and we`re going to scare the little kid,” said Bill Clark Sr. of Falls.

“It`s a thrill, you know what I mean?” said Bill Clark Jr. “It`s excitement, I look forward to it every year.”

For those here on the terrifying tour this is a blast, but volunteers working said it`s even more fun watching people get scared.

“People scream, they laugh, they fall down,” said volunteer coordinator Sarah Pugh. “We have even had an occasion or two of a pants wetting.”

Gravestone Manor is open every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 11 p.m. and Sunday 7 to 9:30 p.m. through October and raises money for the United Way of the Wyoming Valley.

Ten bucks gets you in, that is, if you dare.

Gravestone Manor is located at the Trion Warehouse on Route 315 in Plains Township.