Yuengling Brewery Gets National Attention

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POTTSVILLE -- A national company which gives travel advice has named a Pottsville company to it's top 10.

Debbie Altobelle is a tour guide at the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville.  "Hi! Welcome to the Yuengling Brewery, Americas oldest brewery."  Altobelle said.

Newswatch 16 tagged along for one of the many tours of the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville. Several dozen people took part this time around.

Trip-Advisor, a national firm which gives travel advice, has placed Yuengling in the top 10 when it comes to the quality of their tours.

That national attention is good news for Yuengling said employee Vickie Lord.

"It could draw more folks here. They come from all over the world, all over the country," said Lord.

Daniel Soliman of California who is taking the tour said Yuengling deserves the attention.

"I'm not surprised! This is one of the unique tours I've ever been on its different than any brewery I've ever seen," said Soliman.

The first part of the tour shows off state of the art when it comes to making lager.

Machines do a lot of the work. But then it's time for a look at the past, that means going underneath the brewery for how things were done before the advent of automation.

Part of the tour includes huge caverns. It's where the beer was stored before the invention of refrigeration.

Ron Seidel said he's impressed with the underground complex.

"The caverns were neat. I can't imagine building them and carving them out by hand this day," said Seidel.

Dan Mindrup learned the Yuengling brewery has been here for more than a century.

"I love the preservation of the building, how it maintains the old character here." Mindrup said.

Dick Vinette of New York state said of course, a tour of a brewery wouldn't be complete without sampling the product.

"Before they were even selling it in Syracuse I was buying Yuengling. I had a friend in Pennsylvania and he used to bring it to me to my house whenever he visited," said Vinette.

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