Former Teacher Not Guilty of Sex With Student

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MONTROSE -- The three year-long case against a former Montrose Area High School teacher has ended in an acquittal Thursday night.

Jeffrey Norris had been accused of having sex with 14-year old student back in 2007.

“I`m just glad the jury found the truth,” said Jeffrey Norris as he left the Susquehanna County Courthouse, shortly after being acquitted of 12 of the 15 counts against him....

The former Montrose Area High School teacher was on trial for allegedly having sex with a 14-year old student in 2007 and providing her with drugs and alcohol.

After deliberating for nearly five hours, the jury found Norris not guilty on all the sexual assault charges he faced.

 “We`re relieved, we`ve relieved that the jury found what we think is the truth, as to the sexually related charges as to the intimidation of witness charges,” said Norris’ attorney, Paul Ackourey.

Norris was accused of intimidating and stalking his alleged victim, which he was charged with in 2009, when the girl told police Norris drove past her several times when she was walking to church.

The jury also found him not guilty of that.

However Norris was found guilty on wiretapping charges for recording conversations he had with school officials.

The tapes were played at trial and Norris admitted to making them.

“There were three separate meetings, all involving his employment. He was concerned that his job was in jeopardy, he was not provided a union representative as required under the contract,” said Ackourey.

Norris` attorney said the wiretapping charges are felonies and do carry jail time.

However his attorney says they plan to appeal.

“There`s an issue with a regard to the search and seizures of the tapes that we ultimately determined to be illegal wiretap. there`s also a question as to whether or not the communication that`s not the tape is oral communication under the statute,” said Ackourey.

Norris remains free on bail.

A sentencing date for the wiretapping charges has not been set but again, his attorney is considering an appeal.